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Portland Dahlia Society is a dedicated group of people that work throughout the year to put up what is now one of the Largest Dahlia shows in Australia. It takes a lot of hard work with most of us growing dahlias and roses for our show and support other Victorian Shows such as Winchelsea, Tyrendarra and Shepparton.


If you are interested in joining our society please complete the membership application found on our website (Click on the link above then go to Membership). Current Subscriptions are listed on the page and are due in May each year.

We hold demonstration Days throughout the year that cover all aspects of digging, dividing & storing tubers.

On our web site we have short video’s on all things growing and showing dahlias.

Portland Show held on the long weekend in March

Show date and location can be found on our web site

Tuber Sales

Quality tubers may be purchased from our tuber list, available on our website, Keep an eye out on Face Book to be notified of the new list . Tubers are usually available in October. They may also be found from private members who are all ready to encourage new growers.

Champion Vase 2023
Ray Nagorcka Memorial 2023

Skyline over Portland

Dahlia varieties raised by Portland Dahlia society members