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Our group holds regular meetings and activities in various locations in the ACT and in southern NSW. Many members were originally attracted to the dahlia blooms they saw at their local flower show or at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The amazing range of colours, sizes and shapes of the dahlia blooms motivates people to want to grow them. And why not, they are really spectacular flowers. By joining the Dahlia Society, new members are able to obtain the really good stock and new releases, and also growing tips from the experts, first hand. Even if members are not interested in showing dahlias, everyone gets pleasure from just growing them in the home garden. At the conclusion of our meetings, we usually have a special topic to discuss, or a demonstration of aspects of dahlia growing. These are popular and make the meetings more interesting.



If you are interested in joining this society please complete the membership application found on our website (Click on the link below then go to Membership). Current Subscriptions are listed on the page and are due in July each year. As part of their membership, Affiliated Clubs and Societies are provided with one Dahlia Society of NSW & ACT Inc. medallion each year, to be offered as a special award in the Dahlia Section of their flower show. Affiliated Clubs and Societies also to have access to Dahlia Society green vases for exhibits at their flower shows.


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Office Bearers 2021

Graeme Davis


Rob Slarke

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Brian Hodgson



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Photos from NSW - ACT



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Quality tubers may be purchased from the two tuber auction held in September after the annual meeting and usually in November after the meeting. They may also be found from private members who are all ready to encourage new growers.


Cultivars from NSW - ACT


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